gang stalking

If you’ve never heard of gangstalking until now then the term may come across as quite odd upon first glance. What comes to mind for most people when they hear the word stalking is usually a one on one act. As in one person stalking another person. 

Most stalking situations rarely venture from that but then you get gangstalking. Gangstalking is when one person is being consistently followed, watched or harassed by more than one person. As it’s more than one person stalking a single victim, things can get very weird. In many gang stalking cases what victims describe is a concerted effort by a group of people to cause them, the targeted individual, distress. Gang stalkers reportedly carry out coordinated attacks and group stalking techniques with the objective to cause fear and paranoia. These gangs can range from a few people to larger numbers. 

Stalking on this scale can be conducted in public spaces, local communities and work environments. Victims of gang stalking are referred to as ‘targeted individuals’. This happens through no fault of their own and can happen to anyone. Members of the stalking gang can strike anywhere the victim frequents which can include recreational activities done in their own personal time. The stalkers can linger and often won’t be noticed by others that are around the victim at the time. This can cause psychological turmoil as more people stalking one person can create feelings of intensity. 

Individuals who have labelled themselves as a targeted individual are often met with ridicule and doubt as what they are describing sounds like something out of a movie. Gang stalking is often conducted in a way that damages a person’s psyche causing them to appear mentally unstable. This can result in victims losing credibility whilst their increasing reports fall on deaf ears. There isn’t much research on gangstalking however there was an exploratory study done in 2015 about complaints on gangstalking including the nature and impact of them. 

“This phenomenon has not been subject to systematic study. An anonymous questionnaire was completed online by self-defined victims of stalking. One thousand and forty respondents met research definitions for stalking, of which 128 (12.3%) reported group-stalking. One hundred and twenty-eight individually stalked cases were randomly selected as a comparison group. All cases of reported group-stalking were found likely to be delusional, compared with 3.9% of individually stalked cases. There were highly significant differences between the two groups on most parameters examined. The group-stalked scored more highly on depressive symptoms, post-traumatic symptomatology and adverse impact on social and occupational functioning.”

As mentioned before, gangstalking can happen to anyone. There is not one specific reason a person is stalked in this manner, in its most extreme form the constant mind games and harassment can drive a victim to suicide. This is thought by most targeted individuals and others to be intentional. The theory is, that the purpose of the gangstalking is to drive the target so insane that they will do something drastic and out of character once paranoia reaches its peak. There is obviously a great deal of suspicion that those claiming to be targeted are not in fact being gangstalked at all, what they are in fact experiencing are forms of psychosis or other mental illness.

Dr Grande does indeed make valid points in that with no physical evidence or proof, these claims are merely delusions. This does naturally negate any genuine claims of gangstalking and paints every claimant under the same brush of madness. From what the world has witnessed over the last two years, there is no doubt that anything is possible. This does not equate to blindly believing all claims of gang stalking but to instead discern whether there is substantial evidence.

Italian writer and author Cristian Nardi has written about gangstalking a number of times. Cristian claims to be a victim of government gangstalking. If true, government gangstalking is a complete breach of human rights and personal privacy. This reminds me of the ‘war on terror’ era that America went through, this led to the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act was rushed in after the September 11th 2001 terror attack. It was also rushed in because the people would have never agreed to the terms had they known they would be giving up their privacy to the state. This act entails an increased level of government surveillance powers. The government essentially expanded their authority to spy on their citizens. Through this act the US government also dispels themselves of any accountability meaning nobody can challenge this in court. This includes tapping citizens phones and listening to their conversations, looking through their internet search history, accounts and more. All under the premise of protecting the country from potential terrorists. With this level of over reach government gangstalking is entirely possible. Since the law was passed there have been a number of US citizens that have come forward about being under government surveillance for no good reason. However, the government is protected from any punishment in regards to carrying out the Patriot Act as they conveniently hide under the guise of “national security threat”.

Naturally, this act can be abused and has been abused since the day it was passed in Congress. Knowing this, it is not so crazy to believe the US government and other governments with similar laws could use this against anyone. Let’s look at how gangstalking can be done in a more covert and larger scale.

I am not a citizen of the U.S but some worrying things happened in 2008 that meant even non-American citizens can fall victim to this violation of privacy. In 2008, Congress passed a set of “updates” to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (“FISA”), including Section 702, which authorized warrantless surveillance of non-U.S. persons reasonably believed to be outside the country. When Congress renewed Section 702 surveillance authorities in early 2018, it imposed a documentation requirement for backdoor searches. Why would they get rid of documenting these cases if they are indeed a threat to national security? Human’s Right Watch was agreeably concerned about how these Acts negatively affect innocent everyday people. Especially when the Department of Defense has created a criteria to identify who to keep a close eye on. What does this criteria entail you ask? Well nobody knows because the DoD have declined to comment on what they consider to be a concern which makes it all very vague. That’s extremely convenient if you want to falsely prosecute someone. The Defense Department has authorized its intelligence components to carry out at least some forms of monitoring of US persons without a warrant, based on designations that use unknown criteria. Additionally there s also the issue of the public not being aware f which agencies the government can allow to warrantlessly monitor such individuals. Many Americans and non Americans alike are becoming quickly aware of what government overreach entails, this is something that was made very apparent during the pandemic saga. USAToday even discussed government spying of citizens in an article this year. This is likely is a result of growing concerns about privacy and data as our digital and real world merge further.

“Democratic Sens. Ron Wyden of Oregon and Martin Heinrich of New Mexico, both members of the Senate Intelligence Committee who are privy to classified information. They warned ominously about the existence of a secret bulk collection program that the CIA has operated “outside the statutory framework that Congress and the public believe govern this collection,” and without oversight by the courts or Congress. The secret program appears to be related to bulk data swept up by the CIA in terrorism operations, including information on an unknown number of Americans, according to a heavily blacked-out report from a CIA oversight board that was declassified at the urging of the two senators. The program still seems to be in operation. But beyond that, we’re left with far more questions than answers about the secret program – an information vacuum that demands quick action by Congress to hold public hearings about what the CIA is and isn’t doing.”

It doesn’t sound so much like delusions or conspiracy when governments are targeting innocent citizens that have no idea they are being spied on. Even worse than the claims of targeted individuals, the government has the power to watch you and keep tabs on you in your home without personally knowing you, meeting you or stalking you the old fashioned way. You don’t have to do anything wrong to be on the government radar and that is the point. It affects us all.

When looking into the world of gangstalking there are various tall tales and exaggerated stories from people who may not be of sound mind. What the topic does highlight is surveillance being used as a weapon. You can walk ten minutes from your house and pass several cameras, some obvious and others not so much. People are continuously told that more regulations, laws and rules are for the safety of yourself and society. Most people know by now that isn’t true, its about control. Like the targeted individuals we ourselves are somewhat prisoners in our own environment, even scarier is that this is mostly willingly. It is somewhat comical that mainstream labels gangstalking as conspiratorial and baseless, what else have they told you is a conspiracy?

John Paul Lang, age 51 from Fresno, California claimed to be a victim of gangstalking by his local police department. John believed he was systematically harassed by the Fresno PD due to revealing evidence that the department were running a licence plates scam the local area. John had a YouTube channel as well as a blog in which he documented incidents between himself and the police department, he took several videos, photos and wrote in detail about daily or weekly occurrences. His YouTube channel still exists and his videos have garnered hundreds of thousands of views. Looking at the security footage Lang had outside his home is eerie even 6 years later. Do check it out if you are curious.

In January 2016 John was mysteriously murdered following his cryptic posts warning of his imminent death. Many who support John’s claims of harassment believe it was an assassination. John was found dead in his home which had been set on fire, he had several stab wounds across his back and the Fresno County Coroner ruled his death a suicide. There is very little information about John Lang on the internet other than his YouTube channel and articles relating to his death. It’s as if any other information about him was completely wiped off of the internet, his website is also offline but can be found on the WayBackMachine ( John was also known to be an activist so this is strange. What really happened to John Lang?

Events leading to John’s death