gang stalking

Your perception of gangstalking may have been intentionally skewed that way..


There have been a number of suicide kits created and sold online over the years, many of which have gotten their fair share of coverage and controversy.  Much of that seems to stem … Continue reading SUICIDE KITS

living robots

Living robots are a thing and they could become sentient.

sex bots

Sex robots are here and they are only becoming more advanced as there appears to be a viable market and a clear demand for this kind of technology to develop. 2020 marked the … Continue reading sex bots


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About Me


I’m IHS, I started an alternative podcast during the pandemic and have since created this site. There is a need for content that delves into the more morbid areas of life, society, government, you name it. This site gives a peek into the underbelly of our world. You can even find video content and deep dives. Lastly if you’re really curious you can subscribe to our blog that contains controversial content that might get you asking some questions. Stay curious!